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Market Watch

Flags and Teardrop Banners: Outdoor Events Advertising for Windy Days

Outdoor events and trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to advertise your business directly to your audience. Print advertising, particularly banner advertising, is still a highly-effective medium that pulls audiences to your products, services or events. Traditional banners have always been used outdoors, but they are not always the best option for windy conditions. It […]

Market Watch

Lanyards: Your Truly Versatile Promotional Item

Unprinted Lanyards

Lanyards – everyone seems to wear them nowadays. You see them at schools, companies, concert venues and conventions. People use them to hold their IDs or carry their keys, or even attach them to gadgets and bags. Along with their practical purposes, lanyards are great promotional items for businesses and organizations. They are small and […]

Global Trends

What Exactly is a Digital Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency

Put simply, a digital agency seldom performs print work but rather it’s a field that has progressed into more than making websites. This also includes handling social media platforms, mobile, applications, podcasts, software, kiosks, and digital signage among others. It requires a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the processes and medium to effectively guide and […]

Global Trends

Use These Important Techniques in Visual Advertising

Event Marquee

The most successful brands don’t just sell their products. They encourage customers to adopt a certain mindset, belief and lifestyle. When the brand is able to go beyond providing information and creates an experience, it leaves a long-lasting appeal that deepens its relationship with customers. But as in every relationship, it all begins with that […]

Industry Leaders

Shopping for an Ad Agency: Know What to Look for

Ad Agency Employee

In Minneapolis, MN, and in the rest of the U.S., advertising is essential for businesses. It’s what allows you to reach your market and gain customers. Small businesses may not have the budget to support your own company’s advertising team, though. Your option is to hire an advertising agency. Of course, you have to pick […]