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Global Trends

What You Need to Know about Tiles

Many homeowners want to use tiles for their premises but have little to no information about tilework. Most of the time they choose a tile that appeals more to the eye. They overlook intricate features that make it suitable for each area of your home, but it can be difficult to choose among hundreds of […]

Global Trends

4 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas for Rooftop Gardens

Landscaping a rooftop is certainly not as easy as building a garden on the ground. But in New York City, where there isn’t enough yard space to work with even for hotels and restaurants, the next best thing is building a rooftop garden. Sounds impossible? With the right people, it isn’t. If you are thinking […]

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The Roof Colour Effect: What is it Really All About?

If you aren’t a builder, then you might think that all roof colours are the same. No matter if it’s white, black or even rainbow-colored, roofs do the same thing: protect a home and add aesthetic appeal. But, according to Brockelsby Roofing Products, a team of roofers from Lower Hutt, roof colours are by no means […]