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Global Trends

What’s All the Hype About Online Shopping?

Online shopping continues to grow into the virtual marketplace that it is today. It’s a long way from its humble beginnings when Michael Aldrich hooked up a TV and a computer to a telephone line to sell groceries. With the millions of e-commerce sites, you can shop for almost anything wherever you are: in bed […]

Inside Business

How to Make Your e-Commerce Site Successful Over Time

One of the most valuable industries in the world today is e-commerce. Experts are expecting it to go past $2 trillion in sales a few years from 2017. It takes some time before your website can turn a profit, but as in any other industry, hard work, investment, and a readiness to follow the trends, […]

Industry Leaders

Indonesia to Lead Digital Economy in Southeast Asia by 2025

Indonesia’s e-commerce sector will emerge as the largest market in Southeast Asia by 2025, accounting for half of region's market value expected to be worth US$46 billion, according to a Google and Temasek’s study covering six countries in the region. The five other countries covered in the research comprised Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. PurpleClick Media notes […]