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Business Loan Application: 3 Times This Debt Would Work for You

Small Business Loan

A business loan is instrumental in many ways. Obviously, it’s a great source of cash to finance your operations. Even if you have plenty of savings, it’s still wise to apply for a loan just to make sure you wouldn’t run into any cash flow challenge down the road — particularly if you’re just starting […]


Successfully Facing the Interrogation Of Mortgage Lenders: Preparing Yourself

Mortgage Management

Mortgage loans are those loans that you take when you put your house (the one you plan on buying) up as security. A mortgage lender offers you the funds you require in exchange the lender technically owns your home till you repay the sum borrowed. Since the mortgage lender is risking quite a bit of […]


Self-Managed Super Funds: The Advantages of Investing

Pen and Calculator

SMSFs or self-managed super funds can be used for purchasing assets including property or shares by utilising money from the fund and borrowing the remainder. This will allow the SMSF to obtain assets that it can’t currently buy outright due to lack of funds. Considering the rules, self-managed super funds may borrow for investing by […]