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SBA Loans 101: Why You Need to Consider it as a Financing Solution

Application paper for an SBA loan

SBA loans are loans issued to small companies for equipment purchases or working capital to help grow their businesses. Participating lenders issue them, and the SBA partially guarantees them. How much the SBA can guarantee will depend on the amount of your loan. The SBA may be able to guarantee up to 85% of your […]


How Cash Loans Work: The Pros and Cons

Cash loans are lifesavers for people who find themselves almost broke several days before the next payday. Applying for a loan can be fast and easy. One can do it either online or in person. Within a few minutes, you can get approved for an amount you need. How Cash Loans Work It’s a short-term […]


3 Tricks to Help Maximize Your Mortgage

Business Mortgage Loan

Getting a good mortgage loan, whether for personal or business, may seem like climbing the tallest mountain. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. There are many ways you can make a mortgage work for you. One of them is to make sure that you are an attractive borrower to lenders. The following are some of […]


The Best Kind of Help is One That doesn’t Delay


Without a doubt, help is important. However, when it comes too late, help may have little bearing – if at all. In times of need, loans that do not delay are most helpful. Timing is Everything There’s no argument there. Help that comes quickly is help in its best form. When you’re on your own in […]

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In Need Of Cash? Know Why You Need to Apply for a Personal Loan

Finance Loan

A good number of people are now turning to personal loans because of the many advantages associated with these loans. With the flexible personal loan interest rates and other benefits, you can now attend to your emergencies without too much worry. Why is personal loan good for me? The benefits of taking personal loans are […]


Successfully Facing the Interrogation Of Mortgage Lenders: Preparing Yourself

Mortgage Management

Mortgage loans are those loans that you take when you put your house (the one you plan on buying) up as security. A mortgage lender offers you the funds you require in exchange the lender technically owns your home till you repay the sum borrowed. Since the mortgage lender is risking quite a bit of […]


How Do You Qualify for a HARP Refinance?

Home Loan

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) loans have similarities with other mortgage programs, except they’re specifically for people who meet their current mortgage monthly payments, but can’t refinance due to negative home equity, limited home equity, or lack of home equity. Below are the requirements to see if you qualify for HARP home loans: According to […]