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Market Watch

Flags and Teardrop Banners: Outdoor Events Advertising for Windy Days

Outdoor events and trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to advertise your business directly to your audience. Print advertising, particularly banner advertising, is still a highly-effective medium that pulls audiences to your products, services or events. Traditional banners have always been used outdoors, but they are not always the best option for windy conditions. It […]

On the Radar

Insights on Carpet Cleaning for the Vigilant Homeowner

Carpet Cleaning in Auckland

An unsightly carpet must be cleaned before it becomes too filthy you cannot figure out the original colour or design. Timely cleaning makes removal of dirt and stains easier, but it also prevents irreversible damage. These days, shampooing carpets is outdated. You can hire a professional to do deep cleaning, hire a machine and clean […]