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Industry Leaders

Improving User Engagement with Mobile-First Formula and Ephemeral Content

Social media is a powerful tool for interaction. Among digital marketers, there’s a need to keep up with this rapidly changing technology. explains that to keep ahead of the curve, businesses and marketers should be able to spot trends in social media use. At the same time, these trends may also be fast changing, so it’s […]

Global Trends

Breaking News: Maintaining Your Social Media Profile

How should your business react to bad events? To start with, prioritise your consumers’ emotions. While people may not expect companies to halt business and sympathise with those affected by events, they will appreciate the gesture. And in this digital age, sympathy is typically conveyed on social media. How will your brand handle delicate situations […]

Industry Leaders

Persuasion and Believability in Social Media

Online marketing, like all types of marketing in the past, is about persuasion. You want to persuade people that they need your services and that your product is worth buying. Overall, it is about convincing people that you are the best man for the job and that they should be buying from you. You should be […]


Social Media: A New Judge on your Loan Applications?

Loans are one of the first steps you can take towards a stronger financial future, but getting a fair one is always a challenge. Currently, there is an interesting phenomenon concerning people with ‘subprime’ credit and borrowing, which often refer to FICO scores below 640. Stories about a new breed of lenders and traditional loan […]

Global Trends

The Trend in the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing

The growth of the online community is remarkable these past few years, and the digital marketers make sure they’re keeping up with this trend. The Internet has become a popular and effective venue for marketing and promoting both products and services. Almost everything you need is available online. Companies create websites or accounts on any […]

Market Watch

Instagram: The New Hotbed for Social Media Advertisement

Social media

Even though Facebook and Twitter haven’t been long in the marketing landscape, their rise to the top was quick. After all, these two have the biggest social media presence in the world. Tweets, posts and ads can go viral in a matter of minutes, making them perfect locations to spread awareness. Very recently, Instagram also […]