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Inside Business

The Office: The Key Factors to Consider When Picking One

office space

Choosing an office space is a primary consideration in running a business. It not only serves as your headquarters but also a representation of your brand, which differentiates you from the competition. As such, it plays a critical role in the success of your business. Here are key considerations when selecting an office space: 1. Take into account the nature of your business The space has to fit your operations; those in manufacturing, production, and similar […]

Inside Business

3 Reasons You Need to Invest in Office Interior Design

Neat and organized office

White walls and perfectly aligned cubicles may seem clean and organised, but they are boring. Any employee is likely to feel energised within an environment that looks vibrant and refreshing. If you want to invest in office interior design, there are certain elements you would want to incorporate to ensure maximum productivity. Whiteleys Office Furniture and […]

Global Trends

For Comfort and Efficiency: 2015 Design Trends That Will Rock Your Office

Design Trends for Your Office

Collaboration and innovation are today’s buzzwords in the workplace. With different industries catering to human resources, it is important to make everyone feel involved and connected. If you want to maximise each of your employees’ potential and existing skills, perhaps it is time for an office renovation. The professionals of The Caretakers recommend incorporating these […]