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Take Care of Your Boom Lift by Focusing on These Four Parts

A lift truckCongratulations on finding the ideal boom lift for sale in Australia for your needs. As you finalise the purchase process, there are a few things you need to know. To start, the onus is on you to protect your precious investment.

The great news is that this is something you can easily do by taking care of these four essential parts.

1. The platform

Take the time to check all the lock bolts, tightening them appropriately when they are loose. Also, occasionally check whether the foot switch is operating properly, and have a specialist fix them in case of a problem.

Do not forget to check whether the safety latches, guards, and railings are in good working order either.

2. The frame

Regularly confirm whether your boom lifts tyres are in the healthy shape and properly inflated. Also, inspect for any signs of fluid leakage on the drive hub. Keep the lift properly lubricated, and take care of any caked dirt and missing nuts.

As soon as the steering cylinders and tie rods display signs or wear and tear, consider replacing them.

3. The engine

The engine is, obviously, the heart of your boom lift. Fortunately, engine maintenance is often far easier than many people imagine it to be. Regularly check the lift’s engine filter, oil level, and battery-fluid level.

Inspect the muffler and hydraulic pump for leaks. Check whether hoses and wires display signs of wear and tear.

4. The turntable

Take a look at the drive-train components including the pump, control valve and fittings for any signs of leaks. Take note of wear and tear on the pressure plates. Examine whether the turntable drive is functioning fine. Lubricate the gear mechanism regularly.

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Taking care of your boom lift certainly does require a bit of dedication. But, given how important the lift is to your operations, it is all well worth the effort.

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