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That Vintage Look is the New Modern

vintage furniture designWhen photographers captured Bella Hadid strutting around New York in bell bottoms, it became official: this vintage style is back with a vengeance. After all, it has already matched the taste of a supermodel.

Indeed, the saying “Out with the old and in with the new” doesn’t hold true when it comes to vintage style clothing. Fashion has a way of not only creating something original but also innovating a former trend, so it fits the needs of the new market.

But it turns out that the revival of vintage design is not limited to apparel and accessories. There’s also a growing demand for it in home decor. What triggered its return? From screen printing to enamelware from companies like, many experts explore the attraction of vintage style design trends.

Why Do Homeowners Love the Vintage Look?

Psychology Today points out two reasons: The drive to be unique, and the desire to use something that stands out. With many houses appearing similar in their interior design, many owners want to use their living space to showcase their personality and character.

Adding vintage pieces also promotes positive nostalgia. These may remind the owners of their missed relatives, or try to elicit the style and fashion of a certain period.

Will It Appeal to Millennials?

Although vintage seems to appeal to an older generation, the Independent UK also believes it fits the preferences of many millennials. Vintage style furniture pieces complement the generation’s choice of clean lines and unique colours.

How Long Will It Last?

Interior designers and other home experts are already looking forward to another year of vintage trends.

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These specialists already foresee homes with more eclectic designs and styles borrowed from more than 50 years ago. Others will be adding clean, elegant blue-rimmed bowls and mugs to adorn their kitchen display cabinets. Barn doors will also find their way into home remodelling projects.

Vintage style decor provides more than nostalgia. It also offers understated elegance and flexibility for those who want to incorporate this into their home design.

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