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The Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

Brewed coffee being poured on a cupFor the ultimate office perk, why not install an espresso machine? Coffee has traditionally been given a degree of bad press but now science is discovering the marvellous health benefits it can bring to body and mind.

Coffee actually has a number of surprising health benefits and could become known as the new health drink.

Getting a coffee machine for office staff, for instance, will improve their concentration and creative ability, as well as boost their mood. It might also encourage them to gather round at break time and develop stronger working relationships with other staff.

Apart from its well-known effects on alertness and work performance, coffee has a lot of other advantages.

Coffee Can Help People Stay Slim

Coffee increases metabolism and so can help people burn fat, even when sitting down. There is concern about the length of time people spend at their desks and the spiralling epidemic of obesity. Drinking plain coffee can help burn calories even when the person is inactive.

Coffee Can Fight Diabetes

As coffee can positively affect metabolism, it also reduces the risk of developing diabetes. In a study looking into cancer and nutrition, tea and coffee consumption and general health, it was found that drinking three cups of coffee per day could reduce the chance of getting diabetes by 42%.

Coffee and Neurodegenerative Disease

Coffee is known to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee protects an enzyme that protects brain neurons from damage which is why older people who drink it have fewer memory problems.

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Coffee Guards Against Stroke

Drinking more than one cup of coffee a day lowers the risk of having a stroke in women. Female coffee drinkers have a 25% less chance of a stroke.

Coffee is an ideal health drink for the office. It helps workers concentrate and come up with creative ideas, improves office morale and has lots of health benefits too.

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