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The Basic Cs of Dealing with Your Company’s Network Downtime

Company Downtime in ProvoIf your company relies heavily on online interactions and services, network downtime spells major losses. Whether you’re a BPO or a web shop, cutting off your online customers can spell bad reviews — or even unmitigated losses. Here are the basic Cs on dealing with downtime:

Check New Products – As a rule, testing new products should be done independently from your regular workday. If your business has the weekends off, use that time to install software and hardware then check if everything is working fine. Pick out the top performers on the floor to test how the new program feels compared to the older version. Eventually, you can gather feedback and improvement points from them.

Compartmentalize Changes – Once you’ve installed upgrades, it’s best to create the change slowly and methodically. Don’t instruct the entire floor to use the new program yet. A single error in the system, especially one that’s never been tested live in the past, is an accident waiting to happen. Check what your changes have done on a small scale then make it work in bigger batches when successful.

Create Troubleshooting Teams – Companies can be taken down by increasingly bad service reviews, especially when waiting for your systems to go back online. Create a team that’s competent in information dissemination, public relations, and online promotions that can use all possible means to send out updates and information to clients during this problematic period.

Contact Experts – Once the damage has been dealt with, promote your company again to set your business in a good light. Contact your Provo customers either through email, text or social media to update them on your company’s present status and assure them of continued operations. Back 2 Black Agency recommends hiring an SEO company to reach new clients and to replace (or bring back) those you’ve already lost.

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Prevention is far better than a cure. If you can find a way to stop the issues from even happening in the first place, then keep at it. However, it’s always wise to be prepared for any eventually so do take immediate action when necessary.

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