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The Basic Guide To Key Account Management

Key Account ManagementKey account management plays a vital role in the relationship between your business and its customers. It often defines how sales personnel approach their customers to create an ideal business relationship. Although it’s quite easy to take a key account management course in any learning institution, it’s still essential to understand its fundamentals.

Key Account Management is an entire organisational change

Key Account Management takes years to implement. The companies who were able to implement Key Account Management successfully applied it to the way they handle their business. Meanwhile, companies who failed at Key Account Management only made changes within their sales department.

Utilising an Org Chart to define essential account buyer roles

One of the most vital factors in Key Account Management is the people that are involved in the account. Creating an Org Chart can help you identify which person you’re talking with, their position in the order of things, and who should be able to decide things to bring successfully close deals.

Appoint your key account managers and train them successfully

Several organizations often make the mistake of appointing their best sales personnel into vital account manager roles without proper training. You need to ensure that the people you are putting in the position have the right set of skills for the role. It’s also essential to provide them with training so they can do the job properly.

Key Account Management can drastically change the way you do business. Get the proper training and equip yourself with the knowledge to apply it to your company.

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