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The Benefits of Mobile Devices to Students

College students showing their smartphonesSixty-eight percent of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone, and the number of households with broadband Internet connection continues to increase, according to a 2015 study conducted by a nonpartisan research group. Such trend has also affected the educational landscape, as more and more schools embrace the digital trend in teaching students in class or remotely.

Though some may contest the benefits of the digital technology in classrooms, particularly with the advent of mobile devices, there are some notable points that are worth considering.

Technology convenience can boost efficiency

Smartphone and other compact digital device ownership continue to become the norm for students on the go, as the technology makes it easier for them to multitask things every day. Students, for example, can do bank transactions through mobile Internet banking while preparing for the next exam.

Aside from research purposes, students could use their mobile devices in note taking or voice recording to help them remember a topic discussion. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables a seamless real-time collaboration among students without having to see each other in person.

Smartphones and computer tablets have been embraced by students, as it is more affordable and convenient to bring compared to bulky laptop computers.

The benefits of the digital technology are still open to debate

Mobile device use policies could vary in every institution, as some research articles suggest that it could distract students from learning their lessons. This could be true, mostly when students waste their time browsing social media or shopping websites.

There could be pros and cons in using mobile devices in the classrooms, but instructors or teachers could leverage technology use for students to learn. One way to regulate unnecessary gadgets use is to determine the time when students are allowed to use their mobile devices in class.

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Mobile devices have benefits to aid students in their learning. Although there are disadvantages of using gadgets in classrooms, instructors could do something to ensure students learn their lessons effectively.

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