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The Growing Relevance of Local SEO

Local SEOLocal search is no longer limited to mom-and-pop stores, as practically all kinds and sizes of businesses stand to benefit from this marketing strategy. With Google’s current algorithm updates, localizing your online marketing strategy only continues to be more relevant.

Search Engines Adore Locally-Listed Businesses

Google wants what is best for searchers; they want to showcase nimbler and popular local brands. The increasing number of ‘near me’ queries has made it easier for businesses to directly market to their neighborhood customers.

Listing your business on Google’s My Business allows you to update information and data about your company. This helps your target market find you whenever they make a search. It also allows you check the accuracy of the data of your site and make changes when necessary. A verified business gives you authority and improves local reach.

Local SEO packages from companies like give you a glimpse of how effective local marketing is to the success of your client’s campaigns.

Individualized Search Results

Local search engine optimization means focused and personalized results. Although the current features generate limited predictive and customized results, there are already specific outcomes depending on the searcher’s queries. Staying logged into your account, and enabling search history and location will give you targeted results whenever you make a query.

Improve your client’s local rank by creating content that targets their specific area. Upload photos or post blogs that use location-specific keywords, such as ‘Italian restaurant Brisbane’ or whatever place your client is currently in.

Relevance of Mobile and Wearable Devices

With the increasing number of mobile device users, responsive web design plays a vital role in the success of any local online marketing campaign.

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Smartphones and other mobile devices will play an increasing role in online marketing strategies as people on the go tend to use proximity-based keywords often when they make queries. These devices will drive a need for a geographically relevant grid of information.

Rising Number of Competitors

As more and more businesses venture into online companies and marketing, the pie will get bigger and smaller simultaneously as competitors jockey for Internet supremacy.

To keep your clients competitive, you must narrow your market and focus on a niche and location. This establishes local online presence.

The changing landscape of local SEO means that you have to adapt or lose competitive advantage. Outsourcing localization strategies enables you to focus on what you do best, and still provide top-rate services for your clients.

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