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The Love for International Food Lives on

Waiter with the globe on his trayWherever you are in the world, there is a love for international cuisine that’s simply too strong to quench. The average Brit even reportedly spends £1k per year on takeaways, which are usually Chinese, Italian, American, and Mexican food. But what is it with international food that gets you hooked?

A Different Taste

Mexican food is popular in America, especially in Woodbridge, VA, where residents crave for tacos in the middle of the night. Mexican food has never lost its “newness,” so even if it has been available for most states for a while, there is still a yearning for the unique cuisine. And who can help it when a serving is often loaded with meat, cheese, and spices? Ask for extra jalapenos to awaken your senses, and you’ll undoubtedly want to spend more on your next Mexican meal.

New Spices

Indian cuisine is another flavor that Americans have grown accustomed to, but never get enough of. Just look at the variety when it comes to curries, with each dish using a different combination of spices. You also get to choose from different meats, from chicken to lamb, which further expands the number of choices. And this is just one dish. You also have samosas and lassi drinks to try for a course that’s certainly one worth repeating. Not a fan of the hot and spicy? You can ask for a mild spiciness level to tickle your taste buds without leaving them burning.

A Look into the Culture

Any avid eater of Chinese food probably knows how to say thank you in the Chinese language. They also eventually learn how to use chopsticks, as it is the acceptable way of eating the food. These little snippets into the Chinese culture help bridge gaps. They teach foreigners about basic Chinese food preparation techniques, as well as what they prepare for special occasions, such as Chinese New Year.

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When you eat international cuisine, you’re not just eating. You’re also learning and going on an adventure.

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