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The Proper Way to Clean Your Window Films

Window cleaner cleaning window

Having newly tinted windows in your home or car is exciting, bearing in mind the benefits you will reap from getting window tinting in Palmerston North. You, however, need to take care of your window films for longer service. One way is to clean them regularly. However, you need to know how and how often you should do it.

When to clean your window films

The window film is for the inside part of the window pans and sticks to the glass with a strong ‘glue-like’ adhesive. After installation of the film, it takes time for the adhesive to dry and stick the film to the glass permanently. You should thus start cleaning your film one week after installation just to be sure that it has ‘cured’ and cleaning will not interfere with the ‘curing process.’

Avoid ammonia

Ammonia is a common ingredient in many household cleaning agents but is not good for your window film. The problem with ammonia is that it eats away the film making it prone to fading and peeling. Clean the films using cleaning agents without ammonia as a component. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle with soapy water.

Ditch the scrubber

Scrubbers contain an adhesive material that will leave scratches on the film after cleaning. Consider using a lint-free cloth, soft sponge, or synthetic microfiber cloth instead of the scrubbers. After getting the right cleaning material, use it to clean the window films exclusively. Lastly, never clean your films when the cleaning material is wet.

If you want your window films to serve you for long after getting tinting, cleaning it is not an option, but a regular maintenance practice you need to conduct. If cleaning your windows is a task for you to carry out, consider hiring professional cleaning services to keep them looking at their best.

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