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The Roof Colour Effect: What is it Really All About?

RoofingIf you aren’t a builder, then you might think that all roof colours are the same. No matter if it’s white, black or even rainbow-colored, roofs do the same thing: protect a home and add aesthetic appeal.

But, according to Brockelsby Roofing Products, a team of roofers from Lower Hutt, roof colours are by no means just for an impression. In fact, depending on the roof colour, your home can absorb or reflect harmful UV rays, and that’s just one application of it.

Here are some other use of roof colours and its relative value to any establishment building.

Paint Quality and Price Always Differ

Roofing paints are either painstakingly cheap or incredibly expensive and there’s a reason for that. High-quality paint colours have properties other than the ink that makes a roof look good. Expensive roofing colours also come with special acrylic elements like resin, which can block ultraviolet rays.

Roof Colour Corrects and Balances the Tone of the House

Some houses or buildings may look and feel bland inside even if the construction is well done. This doesn’t have anything to do with the building, but how the house appears. That’s why it’s a good practice to colour the roof near the end of the construction.

Accents and “Looks” Come from Paint Colours

The choices for roof colours these days are unlimited. But, there will always be the classic and modern style in between everything. For a traditional look, paint the roof with monochromatic colours. For a modern-looking establishment, you may choose not to apply any colour.

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Energy-efficiency is About the Colour of the Roof

As previously mentioned, the colour of the roof influences how much an establishment absorbs or reflects UV light. That’s why having a very reflective roof can lower energy costs because less heat will enter, and this becomes an energy-efficient factor.

At a glance, roofing colours may seem like added effects. But, these actually provide more than just aesthetic value.

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