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The Royal Origins of the White Wedding Dress

White Wedding DressA white wedding dress is the tradition, with the colour representing purity and elegance and being an obvious choice for the bride-to-be.

For a dress that will only be worn once, it is also a significant investment for any bride and once chosen, extra care and attention is needed to ensure the dress and the bride look they’re absolute best on the big day. The dress is typically made of lace, silk and other expensive materials and being the colour of white, even the slightest stain could damage the beauty of the fabric, particularly, when a bride needs to store and transport the dress.

Fortunately, companies like are now manufacturing specially made garment covers to transport wedding dresses limiting the chance of any damage to the dress.

But where did the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress come from?.

The Queen’s White Wedding

The white wedding dress was first popularised by Queen Victoria in 1840 at her wedding to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg. Traditionally, wedding gowns were coloured with rare dyes, typically of either red or green, and decorated elaborately with jewels, gold threads and ermine fur trimmings. Instead, Queen Victoria chose a simple white gown, decorated with local lace. She even chose to not wear her crown and instead wore unconventional orange blossoms in her hair.

Her decision to have a dress that was locally made and of little expense, set a new trend for the traditional wedding dress and helped to effectively boost the local lace industry.

White Dresses Became the Norm

Though Queen Victoria’s white wedding gown was seen as a frugal, conservative choice, white wedding gowns dresses quickly became the favoured choice for the wealthy. Before her wedding, brides wore their Sunday best to weddings, and then wore the garments repeatedly on multiple occasions throughout their lives.

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Choosing white was previously seen as an impractical choice of colour, yet with the trend set by Queen Victoria, women now prefer to have a dress which should only be worn once, making it an even more special garment.

Today, the white wedding dress is the most popular choice for the bride-to-be. Though some people are choosing other non-traditional colours, white is still the most coveted hue and extra care is needed to ensure the dress looks its best on the day.

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