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The Use of Laser Technology Solutions in Improving Mine Safety

Manning Laser technology has come a long way; from improving common industrial processes and applications, it is now an important component of maintaining a safe work environment, particularly for dangerous jobs like mining. In fact, according to an article on Mining Weekly, advancements in the said technology can support mine survey activities, making laser technology ideal for enhancing safety in the operations.

Laser Tools Co., Inc shares how laser helps improve mining work and safety.

3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning, for instance, enables the creation of digital elevation models and calculation of the working areas of the mine. Three-dimensional (3D) models of sites, tunnels, and buildings offer a documentation of the surfaces, helping engineers perform accurate calculation and surveying tasks. This helps monitor the construction work and allows miners to do their job safely.

Monitoring Software

The laser scanner hardware, along with monitoring software, provides better understanding of the basic and contributing causes of wall movements and slope failures. As this offers early-warning detection, it can prevent accidents and associated injuries. The laser scanning system offers a far greater awareness of the danger to ensure a safe working environment.

CNC Machining and Laser

There is also an abundance of companies offering CNC turning and machining of complete parts for mining industry.  Such companies use laser technology solutions to engineer the perfect machine part of any mining tool or equipment. This can offer versatility to the operations, improve production speed, and elevate miner safety. Custom parts give mining companies the opportunity to fulfill all mining and tunneling needs.

Custom parts can also enable mining equipment to function at its bests and safest, allowing miners to perform demanding activities. CNC turning companies use laser to create custom steel bolts, as well as parts for containment vessels and lifting apparatuses.

Mining operators and site owners need to invest in the latest technology solutions to improve work safety. Laser technology is beneficial for creating accurate 3D models of the site and creating custom parts to make the work effective and safe at all times.

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