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Things you Should Consider When Hiring an Excavator

Excavator being usedPurchasing an excavator can be expensive and sometimes may not make economic sense. In such a case it is advisable to hire one. Just like hiring any other equipment, you need to consider some factors including those that are connected to the excavator and those connected to the work that needs to be completed. Websites like explain that this will not only save your time and money but also ensure workplace safety for your workers.

Consider the Size

The size of the excavator can determine its effectiveness and efficiency. It also depends on the project to be carried out. For instance, there are times it would be better to hire a large excavator, while in other instances, it would make more sense to hire a mini excavator to avoid underutilisation.

Sometimes the excavator size is dictated by the site location. If mobility would be a challenge for larger excavators, then you would hire a smaller one. You should thus discuss with the excavator hire company to find out what your choice of size may imply.


Although accidents are not anticipated, they do occur and can damage property, cause injuries or loss of lives. You need to know if the excavator hire company has insurance that covers your property and yourself. If the insurance that the company has does not cover any damages during the hire period, then you need to purchase one. You need to compare insurance terms and liabilities covered by various companies to choose one that has the best terms.

Geological and Geotechnical Considerations

You also need to understand the geology of the site well so that you select an excavator with the right strength to dig through the soil and rocks. Different excavators can only excavate to a given depth, which you should know ahead of hiring.

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Since excavation is not an easy project, you will need to plan well. To hire the most suitable excavator, analyse the time allowed for the project, know the properties you are looking for in an excavator and have your facts right before you make any contract with any excavator hire company.

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