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Three Cost-Effective Ways to Boost Your Charity’s Donor Acquisitions

Charity DonorThrowing a fundraiser for your nonprofit organization could be a bit too expensive, especially on a tight budget. Although tournaments, raffle tickets, and auctions are some of the proven ways to acquire donations, you’d want to find more cost-effective ways to raise your organization’s visibility.

Here are three ways to gain resources for your charity without exhausting all of your own:

Volunteering at Events

If you can’t organize an event, join one. According to Allison Gauss, “More traffic means more visibility.” Instead of preaching your cause aimlessly by hopping from one busy street to another, be present at gatherings where you know people will be interested in your advocacies.

If you run a charity for abused animals, volunteer to set up a table display at a dog adoption event. If you are the president of an organization that helps raise HIV awareness, offer help at a free medical check-up camp and ask politely for a kiosk space where you can promote your charity. Narrow down your target market as much as possible while giving a helping hand to events that need it.

In-Store Marketing

If you want a broader target audience, in-store marketing might be a better way to obtain donations from people who come from different walks of life.

There are computer software options that help you make labels, ads, and signage you can use for your in-store marketing needs. This way, getting your charity’s message across in convenience stores, drug stores, groceries, and other public shopping spaces will be easy.

Memorable Online Presence

Taking advantage of the digital sphere is the cheapest way to increase your charity’s exposure. Most nonprofit organizations have websites that carry information, event details, and volunteer surveys for anyone interested in joining them in their campaigns. Ranking on Google is also important in keeping your charity’s online presence visible to your target audience.

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No matter how much you want to go the extra mile for your charity, fund shortage may hinder you from doing so. It all boils down to using resourcefulness and creativity in promoting your cause.

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