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Three Major Causes of Corrosion That You Would Not Want to Encounter

Corroded bolt and nutThere are several factors that can cause steel corrosion. In fact, it is quite common in an industrial environment that most companies usually hire a corrosion control specialist to help resolve the problem.

But there are times when finding out the root cause of the problem can offer a much better solution. So, here are a few of the most common causes of corrosion.

1. Steel-related factors

One of the most common reasons steel and other metals rust has to do with composition. It might result from the electrode potential of steel or its chemical composition. If the steel has a non-homogeneous surface, there is a higher chance that the steel will be prone to corrosion.

2. Production-related factors

Another factor that could increase the possibility of corrosion is if any part of it is highly stressed. You might also want to check if there were other substances in the steel that could accelerate corrosion. If metal fines or salt is deposited during its production, there is a high chance that the steel will easily rust.

3. Environmental factors

Lastly, constant exposure to the environmental factors can also play a role in steel corrosion. For example, exposure to hydrogen ion in moisture, humidity, and even the oxygen level can cause the steel to rust.

Also, a certain degree of moisture, due to its location, can also cause corrosion. It is essential to regularly check the steel foundation to ensure that everything is dry and still in good condition.

To prevent steel from rusting, consider corrosion prevention to somehow reduce the effects of the conditions mentioned above. Get in touch with corrosion specialists to help you out and offer you products that can help control or even get rid of any developing signs of corrosion.

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