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Three Pre-Police Check Must-Dos Every Employer Should Know

Criminal Background CheckPolice checks have become a crucial part of the pre-employment screening process for many individuals, businesses, and organisations. And for many good reasons, the primary of which is ensuring one’s safety, or those of everyone involved with the business or organisation.

However, as important as these checks are, anyone who will conduct them should first ensure they abide by all the laws surrounding it. So before conducting a necessary QLD police check online, make certain that you perform the following first:

1. Obtaining consent from the person who will undergo the procedure

This is one of the most important prerequisites to carrying out a police check. You have first to obtain the consent of the person you will conduct the check on. This is part of the Australian laws surrounding legal and ethical considerations, as well as ensuring that no breach of personal privacy takes place.

You can obtain the consent of job candidates through indicating it in the job application form or informing them about it during or after a successful interview.

2. Abiding by the Australian Privacy Principles

After the implementation of the changes to the Australian privacy laws back in March 2014, laws involving data protection, discrimination, and privacy became more rigorous. The goal of these changes are to ensure that confidential information about a person remains private, and that job candidates won’t experience discrimination.

Under the new Australian Privacy Principles, individuals who will be the subject of information collection have to learn that another individual or organisation will obtain details about them. They also have the right to know who exactly will gather the information.

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3. Complying with the laws protecting against anti-discrimination

Individuals or employers should also factor in the Australian anti-discrimination law before conducting police checks. This applies in particular when it comes to the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986, a law that applies both to employers and employees (including prospective hires).

Keep all these prerequisites in mind before you have anyone undergo a police check to ensure that you remain in abidance with all these laws.

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