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Tips to Find the Right Scrap Metal Dealer

Mountain of Metal ScrapsRecycling scrap metal goods is environmentally responsible and financially rewarding. Turning your unwanted steel or aluminium goods into gold not only fattens your wallet but also helps reduce the need for mining precious ore. Selling old and broken metal items for recycling also creates new and sustains old jobs, keeping an entire, admirable industry alive.

However, scrap metal recyclers are not equal. Working with an unreliable dealer can put your privacy in jeopardy, and diminish the incentives of advocating recycling. To find a trustworthy operator, use these tips:

Make Sure It’s Not an Auto Dismantler

First of all, know the difference between auto dismantlers and scrap metal dealers. The former buys old vehicles to harvest salvageable parts for resale, while the latter only pays for the metal value alone. Bringing your items to the right kind of dealer matters to get the most money from the transaction. Otherwise, you might receive a far smaller payment from your supposedly valuable metal goods.

Look for a Licence

In New Zealand, scrap metal operators are heavily regulated to curb theft and protect sellers from unsavoury dealer practices. Whether you’re planning to do business with a recycling yard to a mobile operator, you ought to ask for a verifiable copy of its licence. This way, you can rest assured that the other party plays by the rules, and won’t rip you off by whatever means.

Check for SMRANZ Membership

The Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand is an organisation that aims to raise the ethical standards of the industry. Its members share its mission to inform and educate the public about the merits of metal recycling. SMRANZ also works hand in hand with the authorities to ensure its member operators comply with the latest regulations.

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Selling scrap metal is not without challenges, but dealing with a SMRANZ-affiliated recycler eliminates the common dangers associated with the trade.

Exercise your due diligence to size up your prospective scrap metal dealer. With so many deceitful recyclers operating across New Zealand, doing your homework goes a long way.

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