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To the Beach: Secure Your Belongings When off for a Swim

personal belongings left unsafe near the beachThe nearby Coogee, Bronte, Tamarama, and Bondi beaches present wonderful water activities, year-round to Randwick residents. Wading into the waters, however, will mean that you need to leave your valuables, including your car keys behind on the beach, but leaving them behind can allow opportunistic individuals to steal them. This could become very serious if thieves manage to acquire your house keys.

Leave It at Home

You can keep your keys and valuables safe in different ways. One obvious solution involves leaving your keys, and valuables, at home. You can simply bring your swimwear, a change of clothes, and some money, and take public transportation to the beach.

Use a Lock or a Diaper

You can also keep your valuables safely hidden inside your car, yet you still have to bring your keys with you in this way. When you only have your car keys to worry about, you can use a security lock to secure your key to your car. Alternately, you can hide it inside a diaper, and place the diaper under your towel. It may be a weird solution, but it can work!

Bring It with You

When you want to bring your keys with you, for guys, you can wear shorts with waterproof pockets that can keep electronic car keys safe from the water. Regular metal keys can be safely kept inside any zipped pocket as well. For both women and men, you can purchase a waterproof case that has strings that can be tied around your neck.

Have Family or Friends Hold It

When you bring family or friends with you to the beach, you obviously leave your keys, and valuables, with them if any of them are staying on the beach. However, if you are alone, leaving your belongings to the care of a stranger, no matter how friendly and trustworthy they seem, is not recommended.

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Doubtless, there are other ingenious ways to keep your belongings safe while you are off to a swim on a beach. However, if you should lose any of your valuables like your house or car keys, after taking care of the immediately urgent situation with local authorities, you should contact a company that will ensure the future safety of you, your family and your belongings. A company like Robinsons’s Locksmiths locksmith service in Randwick can help you find solutions to all your security queries.

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