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Travelling as a Team Builds ‘ELE’: The Bond of the Flint Tropics

Mini Buses for Hire in SydneyIn the 2008 comedy film, Semi-Pro, we get to witness the lives of professional basketball players. Will Ferrell plays the lead character of Jackie Moon, a player for the ABA and the singer of ‘Love Me Sexy’, a one-hit wonder. He had used the profits from his hit song to buy a team in the league for Michigan, the Flint Tropics. And since he is the team owner, he does as he pleases, also serving as the head coach and starting power forward.


One of Jackie’s rules for the team is ‘Everybody Love Everybody’, written on a signboard as a banner in the Tropics’ locker room. Every time the team travels in their bus, Jackie emphasises the value of the team slogan. This encourages the players to exchanges stories, songs, life lessons and laughter, amidst basketball talk. Laughable for his sentimentality in a competitive and gladiatorial environment, Jackie’s leadership style eventually does wonders for the Tropics.

Even if these scenes are fictional, you can practise ‘ELE’ in real life. There are mini buses for hire, such as those from Southern Cross Truck Rentals, which provide transportation to groups or teams. Mini buses, similar to the Tropics' transportation service, have enough space for luggage while enabling people to engage in conversation.

Jackie uses the opportunity to build camaraderie and end disputes and quarrels between his team’s players. This is how he, as the team manager, tightens the bond between the Tropics.

The Heart and Soul of the Flint Tropics

The bond between the Tropics roster is most apparent during their games. In one scene from the movie wherein the Tropics are playing badly, Jackie’s team goes into a huddle, needing to discuss their play during the halftime break. As the head coach, Jackie exclaims how he can ‘talk X’s and O’s all day long’, but instead he motivates the team through morale boosting words and silly antics. And despite the Tropics being once his foes, it was Ed Monix, played by Woody Harrelson, who contributes useful offensive and defensive strategies.

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Jackie espouses the type of leader who wants his players to be more than just teammates — this makes him the heart and soul of the Flint Tropics.

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