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Tricks That Make Your Home Look Bigger

a spacious modern kitchenSmall homes are a heaven to keep clean and organise, but the limits of space can be quite confining. Here’s how to make your home appear bigger than it really is using simple illusion tricks:

Use a lot of glass

Mirrors and clear glasses create the illusion that the room is bigger than the real thing. Although, this shouldn’t limit you to glass coffee tables or mirrors in bathrooms, according to You can also have glass balustrades installed. They remove any divisions that make a room seem smaller.

Paint walls light shades

Light-coloured walls help create the illusion of a bigger home, especially if you manage to combine it with contrasting colours. For example, you can paint the trim with a dark shade of grey and the walls white, creating the illusion of an extended wall or room.

Use smart furniture

Make a point of using furniture with multiple uses. Use a coffee table, for example, with some storage space in the bottom. You can also use an ottoman you can open for additional storage. You can do the same for your bed.

Welcome light

Light also adds space — visually at least. Open your windows or make sure you keep the glass clean so sunlight streams in during the daytime. You can also try installing the curtains a little bit farther on the side so that when you part them sideways, your whole window is exposed.

Choose exposed leg furniture

This is another technique often used in lofts or apartments that are not spacious. You basically make use of small furniture with exposed legs. It creates the illusion of spaciousness.

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Those are just some techniques you can use to create the illusion of a bigger home. Remember: less clutter creates space, so take the time to clean often.

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