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Twitter, Uber, and NYTimes among the First Apple Watch-Ready Apps

With the release of pre-ordered Apple Watches coming soon, consumers will be flooding the App Store scouring for the latest apps they install on their own devices.

With the launch of the newest product from Apple, the industry has experienced uproar in hopes of accommodating the sudden need for attending to its newest updates and features.

The tech giant’s latest product has caused an urgency for companies to create apps that would suit the watch’s unique features. This poses a challenge to developers who are used to creating apps for handheld devices.

Apps on Your Wrist

Apple WatchThe first companies that have developed Apple Watch-friendly apps are the following, Twitter, Uber, New York Times, Evernote, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Target, Expedia, Flipboard, Citi, and SPG among many others.

Now, the watch users can tweet, grab a taxi, and take note of important matters with just the convenience of raising an arm and placing a finger on their wrist.

The newest area of the App Store solely dedicated to the Apple Watch is in need of more, despite having at least 3,000 apps already.

The challenge is to create apps that complement the unique features of the newest device. With its wearability, companies are pushed to create better user experience for their consumers with very little space and actions required.

In Sync

One of the valuable functions of the Apple Watch is its ability to sync with your iPhone5 or the latest ones.  Unfortunately, iPhone4 users do not get to enjoy this feature, if they seek to do so, then it is imperative for them to purchase one of the newest iPhone products.

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Applying the latest updates can let the watch function the same and almost as effectively as the phone does. With apps that work better because of mobility, like health, finance, and others.

With millions of Apple users all over America, 70% of them don’t care about the Apple Watch. However, the company is still said to rake in millions despite the huge lack of disinterest.

Among the first users of the said device is Beyonce, Pharrell, Katy Perry, Christy Turlington, Karl Lagerfeld, and Anna Wintour—most of which came with a special gold band just for the said celebrities.

In hopes of creating a more human experience in communication and connection, the company’s syncing feature across their devices lets consumers enjoy the special features they offer to the maximum.

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