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Types of Bird Houses for Various Categories of Birds.

Bird on a feederWhen you are interested in a particular breed or species of birds, then you need to purchase or construct a birdhouse specific to that species. For instance, robins prefer nesting on roofless platforms while purple martins love nesting in colonies.

A majority of birdhouses come in a rectangle or square shapes, featuring an entrance hole. Providing garden birdhouses go a long way in helping birds survive as the natural habitat continues to decline. In that case, here are birdhouses specific to bird species.

Purple Martin Colonies

These bird species have exclusive requirements since they only nest in colonies. Depending on how many birds you intend to attract, you should build the colonies in several levels. The houses should be rounded and should also have a protective roof. For the bird’s welfare, purple martin nests should be hung at least 40 feet away from houses and other obstacles at a minimum of 10 feet in height.

Chickadees and Wrens

To attract these species, you need to pay attention to the hole of the birdhouse you are about to purchase. It should be 1 & ¼ inches in diameter to allow all types of chickadees and wrens to use it. The house should be placed within or near some cover and should be attached to a pole or a tree.

Bluebird nest box

These are among the simplest forms of birdhouses, featuring a large roof for maximum protection and a small entrance hole. Due to their downward trending population, ensure to place a predator baffle to help you monitor the nest box. This nest box also attracts other birds such as house sparrows due to the size.

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If you find nests around your home, ensure that you do not disturb them. While the birds will still live there, they might abandon their unhatched eggs if they see you continually nagging their nests. Also, note that it is illegal to move the nests of some bird species as they are protected by the law.

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