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Types of Goods and the Trucks You Need to Transport Them

Man with cargo boxThe type of goods, the size of the cargo and the distance travelled often determine the type of a truck that should be used for the business.
To help you or your customers decide on the type of truck to hire in NZ, here are the various cargo classifications and their ideal trucks for carriage and transportation.

General Cargo

This category includes goods packed in baskets, crates, boxes, trucks, bags, cans, barrels and bottles, among others. In other cases, the goods may be shrink-wrapped or wrapped with foil paper. General cargo transportation is determined by the size of the consignment. Standard-sized consignments are often palletised and transported in a box body truck, whereas the extra-large consignments are transported using a flatbed truck.

Bulk Cargo

This category, meanwhile, includes unpacked goods that are stuffed into the cargo section of the truck. The ideal examples of this type of goods are sand, gravel and animal feed, among other granular or powdered products. The trucks popularly used for this type of work are the dump trucks, and in most cases, with a cover that keeps the wind off and protects the load from water in case of rainfall.

Car Cargo Transport

Car transport is done for both used and new cars. Due to the sensitive nature of the car bodywork, they require special trucks for transportation. These trucks are referred to as car haulers or car carrier trailers. They can either be enclosed or open and most come with inbuilt ramps for ease of loading and offloading of the cars.
Understanding the nature of your goods goes a long way in ensuring that you get the right transporting vehicle and that you apply the right safety measures. For instance, if you are transporting a box of fireworks, you cannot put it on a standard truck without the necessary precautions.

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