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Using Your Blog to Make Money: Is it Possible?

Blogging on a LaptopNowadays, anybody can start their own blog. This is thanks to free blog hosting services, which have made this possible for people of all ages. But different people use blogging for different purposes. That’s why if you are planning to start one, you have to first define your purpose.

Are you into it to have an online journal to share your experiences? Would you like to blog about your opinions and share them with followers? Are you thinking about traveling and taking pictures and videos that you can post on your blog? Is your blog going to be some kind of news portal? These and many other questions will present themselves when you consider blogging.

Setting Up Shop

First of all, enable your blog to allow purchases with a shopping cart and other payment options. Payment option providers have made this easy, and so have blog hosting websites. Now you have to address the delivery. Of course, you can always use FedEx or some other local courier to deliver your packages. You can also do it yourself if the customer lives near your place or where your goods are stored. For bigger orders, West Coast Carriers suggests that you may hire the services of flatbed trucking companies, especially those offering LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping so you don’t have to pay for the entire truck’s journey.

Monetizing Your Blog

Many serious bloggers have one thing in common: they learned to monetize their blogs. Although you can do this only by allowing ads on your blog – which takes some time before you see any profit – you can also use your blog as a platform to sell things. For example, you may want to start designing T-shirts with your logo or blog web address on them. Some fashion-savvy people are paid by clothing or makeup companies to wear or review their products.

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Selling Through Your Blog

Ads used to be the most popular way to monetize blogs; that was the time when it was actually the only way too. Blogs are now platforms of commerce. You can promote products and sell them directly through your blog, or link to a page where readers can buy them. If this is how you want to monetize your blog, you have to make sure everything is set.

Before this can happen to your blog, however, there is one thing you should remember: followers. You need many followers, preferably thousands at least, so you’re sure your blog is a hit and there’s a high possibility that those people may buy what you’re selling.

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