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VR, Photography, and Microinteractions: Trends in Web Design

Web DesignTrends evolve all the time, and there is no assurance that one can stay relevant enough to carry over the next year. All industries have trends to follow because these are surefire ways to get the consumer’s attention, including web design.

If your company is deciding on redesigning your website, make sure that you hire services from trusted companies. If you’re looking for one in Owensboro, KY, the team from Kaizen Webworks may be able to help you with your digital marketing needs. Here are some trends that are sure to set you apart from your competitors this year.

High-Res Photography

Finally, there is a decline in the use of stock photography. Using stock imagery can be a little repetitive, plus, it lacks originality and the sincerity of the message conveyed. Now, you can find professional photography resource sites that offer free material.

There is a growing demand for candid images simply because these are more relatable compared to photos that look staged.

Mobile-First Design

Nowadays, people use mobile devices to browse the internet, which is why it would be wise if businesses also recognize this. Soon, Google will be rolling out its mobile-first index, but while that’s still in the works, companies can start optimizing their websites as early as now.


Think about looped habits, such as Tinder’s swiping actions or Instagram’s pull-to-refresh behavior – you can customize these and make it for your site, especially once you’re optimized for mobile.

Virtual Reality

Many people are excited about VR, and it’s becoming widely used in various applications, may it be gaming or in promotional videos. Once it becomes a little more affordable, expect an influx in its use.

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Long Scrolling

If you’re on Tumblr, then you’re sure to know about its endless scrolling option. This ensures easier user experience, as it makes navigating around the page simpler and it also eliminates the need for extra clicks to reveal content.

While these will put you on top of your game, you must remember that there are also trends that don’t go out of style, such as simplicity, legibility, and intuitiveness (designing in such a way that it anticipates how visitors will use the website).

Remember that redesigning your website isn’t just about getting with the times, as you must also know how your visitors would perceive it as. Plus, you also need to appropriate it to your industry.

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