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Ways to Memorialize the Life of a Deceased Family or Friend

Woman holding a flower in front of a casketFuneral arrangements here in Taylorsville can be the best way to place your deceased loved one to rest. A gravestone or a vessel where you keep your loved one’s remains can be a great reminder of their life, but you can also memorialize your loved one in other ways.

In conjunction with a burial or cremation, you can do other things, ranging from donating to a charity to getting a tattoo.

Help other people

Upon the last wishes of your loved one or your own prerogative, you can give your loved one’s assets, remaining funds, or possessions to charity. This practice can be a great memorial ritual, especially when your loved one supported noble causes or was involved in helping other people.

You can fund charities, organizations, and even start a scholarship foundation, for instance.

Designate a memorial chair or bench

Did your loved one have a favorite chair or bench? You could dedicate a wooden memorial bench to the memory of your loved one. If not, you can simply maintain and clean their favorite chair.

Gather with others

When the deceased was a person of authority or who brought people together, a reunion with all the lives that person has touched can be a good tribute.

Students could gather in the memory of a teacher. Employees could gather in the memory of a great boss. A family could especially gather in the memory of a patriarch or a matriarch.

Personalize the memorial

Finally, you can have more personal memorials for the deceased. A tattoo could be a great way to remember a beloved family member or best friend. You could plant a tree in your backyard or a park. You could take a trip as well to the places your loved one visited or would have loved to visit.

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When you want to memorialize your loved one beyond a burial or cremation, the possibilities are endless. Pick out the one that you think commemorates the life of your loved one best, and one you will remember forever.

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