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What Does a Background Check Mean to an Employer

Employee Background CheckIn organisations, insiders account for 75 percent of major frauds, while 47 percent is due to inadequate internal controls; reveals a KPMG Bribery and Corruption study. Workplace fraud affects the image of an organisation and causes financial losses. Elimination of such fraud through background checking via a national police record check will improve the credibility of an institution.

Why Background Screening?

Background screening is a risk mitigation solution that involves searching through databases, private and public sources to discover more information about an individual which could be employment history, criminal records, and financial background. The screening is helpful in conducting HR due diligence and indicating any possible risks. Organisations and companies should embrace background screening before adding an employee to their workforce team and should make necessary arrangements on how the employment screening is to be carried out.

But, what do you benefit from a pre-employment background screening as an employer?

A Lower Risk in Negligent Hiring: In situations where employees cause damages or mishappenings at the workplace, the employer is accountable for their employee’s acts regardless of whether the company was aware of the employee’s history or not. An employer should ensure that they hire credible employees.

A Better Workforce: A major benefit of hiring ‘clean’ employees is the quality of staff and services you are likely to get. Enhancement in the quality of applicants translates to increased productivity, lower absenteeism and less employee turnover.

A Decrease in Misconduct: Background screening reduces employee misconduct that may surface in the name of fraud, theft of company’s assets, identity theft, and abuse of confidential information. Misconduct acts may lead to reputational damage, loss of clients, and financial losses, just to mention a few.

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A national police record check is critical to safeguarding your business, Fast Police Checks explains. Due to the skill, knowledge, and time involved in performing a background check, you may consider hiring a company that offers screening services such as license checks, performance history checks, medical assessments, identity checks and criminal background checks.

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