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What’s New with SEO: Techniques to Keep You on Top

SEO ProcessTechniques for search engine optimization (SEO) changes faster than you can keep track of. The things you know now to help your web pages rank better may be obsolete in the next few months. It requires constant learning, so you can build on what you already know. These changes happen so quickly that you have to update yourself every time to keep being on top of search results.

This is why when looking for search engine optimization services in Provo, Back 2 Black Agency and other experts noted that you need a team that’s well aware of these changes. Here are some examples of techniques that are gaining traction this year:

Wikipedia Has Answers

The online encyclopedia is not only a hub for information, but also for links and references. You can make the most of this site’s feature whenever they have dead or broken links. These dead links mean that the old source for an article no longer exists. What you can do is recreate that source on your page and use your page as the new source for the article. Search engines consider Wikipedia as an information hub, so it’s a quality site to build links on.

Using YouTube the Right Way

When your website uploads video content to YouTube, you might be forgetting an important feature. The description underneath the video is what you should focus on for SEO purposes. Remember that search engines do not check the content of the video itself, but works with the written content that comes with it in the description. Create a 200-word content for your video description that includes the keyword of your choice. This can greatly help put your video content at the top of search results.

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SEO is a continuous learning process that requires you to adapt to be successful. Make sure you are always ahead of the game to keep your ranks.

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