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What’s the Most Dangerous Workplace in Australia?

Man showing the work safety cardFarmlands emerged as the least safe work sites in Australia for 2017, as these places claimed at least 32 lives due to accidents, according to the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety.

In terms of the most dangerous equipment, statistics showed that quad bikes pose the biggest safety risk while working on a farm. As the level of workplace security declines, the agriculture industry has turned off superannuation funds that could have invested in the sector.

Workplace Safety

Farms may be the most dangerous workplace in the country, yet other industries should not be too complacent about not clinching this status. A consistent approach in finding the best safety products for manufacturers, transport groups and other businesses remain an important piece for operations.

In the agriculture sector, Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) President David Jochinke said that the group had been involved in raising safety awareness. The VFF recently established a committee that will find ways to bring down the injury and fatality rates.

It also launched a rebate scheme that provides incentives to farmers who install protective equipment to their quad bikes.

Missing Super Investments

Investment commitments serve as another reason to invest in workplace safety products and solutions. Since the farms apparently are the least safe places for work, superannuation funds have avoided investing in the agriculture sector as a result.

Kim Morison, a Blue Sky Alternative Investments senior executive, said that the industry’s poor safety record deterred superannuation investors.

People associate these funds dislike with an entity or group that has undesirable occupational health and safety records, which could harm their reputation, according to Morison.

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Workplace safety is important primarily because of your employees’ welfare. On the other hand, businesses should realise that keeping your workplace safe brings down the likelihood of interrupted operations, which then affect output and increases your chances of attracting investors.

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