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Where Women Turn to for Advice

Two girls hugging each otherThere are a lot of stereotypes about female friendships: how one day they can be best friends sharing clothes and the next day they're fighting over a man. There are jokes about women always needing each other to go to the wash room or that they have to go shopping every weekend. And while for some women these might be true, there are other, more serious matters that they need advice on. 

Relationship Advice

Some women open up to their closest pals for relationship advice, but when things get a little weird in the bedroom, they turn to magazines instead. They turn to strangers when they feel uncomfortable about the topic and fear that their family or friends might just laugh at their concerns. Online, they may join forums and be as detailed about the problem as possible without revealing their true identity.

They also subscribe to magazine sites for women like Her Magazine to read the opinions of other women, hoping that someone out there is going through the same thing and have already asked the question they wanted to voice out. 

Workplace Woes

More women are part of the workforce, but sadly there are still some issues with how they are being treated. From the way they wear their clothes to the color of their hair, there is some judgment in place even before they speak. Take the case of Eileen Carey, a blonde who has to dye her hair brown to get away from the blonde stereotype and be taken seriously. Women usually turn to their mentors or close friends for advice on matters that involve their looks, because turning to a stranger may make them seem superficial–which is ironic, if you consider the subject. 

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Women are complicated. Sometimes they're an open book, but sometimes they just wouldn't share their problems. It's a good thing they can turn to their friends or to people going through the same thing. 

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