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Why Consider a Recruitment Program Like a Football Club

Football Game in LondonOne of the biggest challenges any company faces, definitely a top three contender, is staffing. Many articles explain why, but very few of them touch on the subject of how is it a challenge and how it actually affects a company. In this context, the currency of time is more valuable than money.

Any manager is willing to pay a competent employee his or her due, but for most of them, that potential will only appear after months of evaluation. If they turn out to be unfit for the work or for the company, it is back to square one with no certainty.

In an entirely separate situation that relates to this issue, football clubs sign players all the time, but not all of them becomes successful. Nevertheless, recruitment these days is different and no player signs for a club without a thorough assessment from an agent. This means that the player has more chance of contributing to the team, and failure will most likely root from extraneous sources (lack of focus, struggle to adapt, bad influence, etc.)

Where is the connection? Well, agents and recruitment agencies play a similar role. London’s KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd reckons that these companies can be a safer bet when it comes to hiring the right people.

Both Ends of the Stick

Every company should realise that they need assistance in recruitment sooner than later. Take Ireland’s Central Bank as an example. While a six-figure recruitment cost is only for companies looking for the absolute best talent, it provides a simple breakdown of the cost of recruitment.

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On the other side of the world, a psychiatric unit is suffering staff shortage. That is not the news, however, but the nurses working there fear for their lives. Here, the lack of staffing makes the workplace dangerous; they are close to people who lost their grip on reality, after all. Replace 'dangerous' with 'behind schedule' and it portrays a typical office suffering a typical problem.

So, instead of making unsafe bets, let recruiters do their bit and help find the right individuals. It will be just like a football club’s recruitment program, albeit in a smaller scale.

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