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Why Employ Recruitment Agencies to Fill Vacancies

Recruitment agency teamFinding the right talent for your shipping company can turn quite tedious very fast. One, it requires skilled labour to recruit new talent that will meet your business needs. Two, it is time-consuming to complete a successful recruitment process.

For this reason, more and more shipping companies in Ipswich hire a recruitment agency to find them the right workforce on the following three key benefits.

Better Reach

Finding top talent can be quite difficult since most potential high-quality prospects are too selective to appreciate what you offer. Other candidates are so passive that they do not bother devoting their time to search for vacancies in job listings.

Many of these potential employees have registered under a recruiter, so working with one gives you better reach for top talent.

Cost Efficiency

It is very cost-effective to work with a recruitment agency rather than hiring a human resource management team on a salaried job. Working with an agency will relieve you of the cost of running criminal background investigations, pre-employment tests, drug screenings and education background tests.


At times, all you need is to hire employees temporarily, or only during the peak season in your shipping business. Maintaining such a flexible workforce can be very challenging without the help of a recruitment agency.

Working with an agency allows you to focus on developing your shipping business, and to channel your resources in other departments of your company than in handling these temporary job placements.

The challenge to recruit new employees is not a problem limited to small shipping businesses only.

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Interviewing candidates, reviewing their applications, negotiating salaries and terms of employment, and placing them in the right positions for a particular duration is a challenge even large, established shipping firms struggle with in managing their human resource.

The best solution here is working with a reputable recruitment agency with a consistent record of offering excellent services to all their clients.

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