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Why It’s Important to Replace Air Conditioners

Electrician installing a new air conditionerAnyone suffering from asthma and allergies know all too well how winter in Australia can easily trigger their condition’s symptoms; homeowners should make sure their air conditioners do not contribute to the problem.

Whether it is a Fujitsu ducted air-conditioning system or another model from other brands, there are certain ways to keep your home safe from allergy and asthma attacks especially during the colder months.

Winter Ventilation

The installation of air purifiers can help in filtering unwanted elements inside your home. Bacteria, dust and pollen are some of the particles that can trigger allergic reactions or asthma attack. In case you plan to buy a new AC, a unit with a split system with an advanced purification feature is a good option.

It goes without saying that dirty or clogged filters promote dust circulation at home, yet some people neglect to do this. Remember to clean filters at least four times a year, preferably at the start of each season.

Contact a professional if you are unsure how to do an efficient clean-up of your air conditioner’s filters. On the other hand, there are obvious signs that you need to replace a unit.

New Air Conditioner

Some of the clear signs of a deteriorating air conditioner involve more expensive power bills, especially if the unit promises low energy consumption. Excessive noise and unusual smells coming from the system also indicate that you need to buy a new air conditioner.

Most of the time, a unit that blows hot or cold air in contrast to the temperature settings suggests that you should send it for repair. Then again, if the repair fees are too costly, you are probably better off in buying a replacement.

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Homeowners should be aware of the importance of asthma- and allergy-friendly air conditioner, as well as the right time to replace an old unit. If you still find it hard to do so, it is better to seek professional help from a local provider.

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