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Why You Should Only Hire a Reputable Roofing Contractor

A contractor surveying a damaged roof It’s your house, so you should be allowed to do whatever you want as far as its construction and repair is concerned, right? Well, not exactly. Some things you can do wrong might end up costing you more in future repairs and replacements or even getting in trouble with local laws and your insurance company.

To avoid these and many other potential problems, including damaging the rest of your house, APEX Exteriors Inc recommends hiring a professional Aurora, IL roof repair company. Here are more tips on what you shouldn’t do with your roofing system:

Not Getting a Permit for Repair or Installation

In many states, it is unlawful to apply a considerable repair or replacement or to install a brand-new roof without getting a local permit. Failing to get a permit may lead to the forced removal of the new installation, payment of a fine, or even having to deal with your insurer’s refusal to insure your new roof.

Not Asking If the Roofing Company Is Properly Insured

This is a problem with “fake” roofing contractors. You might encounter a few of them if your area was recently hit by a storm. They offer no contract and never show proof of insurance. If your house is damaged or someone gets hurt while work is in progress, you might be solely liable for it. A reputable contractor always shows proof of insurance.

Not Removing the Old Roof Before Installing a New One

This may be another unlawful practice that a less than reputable contractor might do. Even if you’re doing the re-roofing yourself, you should be careful not to layer new shingles over old ones, whether you’re allowed to by local laws or not. Inspection is important, and it’s impossible to do properly with the old roof still there. In addition, double layers may prove too heavy for your home’s frame and foundation.

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These are only a few of the reasons you shouldn’t DIY all repairs and especially installations of a new roof. Always trust a reputable contractor to do the work. In the end, you may save more money by having a sturdy and properly and legally installed and insured roofing system.

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