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Will Taking AP Classes Prepare You For the Rigors of College?

Students in Salt Lake CityYour last years in secondary school, especially the ones leading up to college, are an essential time to prepare yourself for the rigours of college. The study habits and skills that you develop during this period will help you deal with college work better. One of the many ways high school students prepare is to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

What are AP Classes?

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are, as the name suggests, advanced, college-level courses you can take in high school as early as freshman year. High schools may offer different courses and follow different teaching methods, but they share the same goal of giving practical and academic training on a variety of topics across disciplines.

Students have different reasons for taking AP courses. Some take them for the experience while others aim to build essential skills to get better grades or qualify for advanced classes in college. Course work is more hands-on and intensive and requires more involvement from the student. Passing your AP exams by the end of the school year will also strengthen your college applications.

Be College-Ready

Statistics show that students who take AP classes become more successful in college as AP curricula aim to simulate that of college courses. These courses are rigorous and require active involvement from students. When you walk into an AP class, your teacher expects you to put more effort into getting better marks and work on course activities diligently.

Today, nearly 2.4 million students in the United States take AP courses. Due to many expansions, there are now many courses to choose from. Students may also complete their AP courses during the gap year through alternative providers, such as and the likes.

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AP classes aim to narrow the gap between high school and college so that students can have a smoother transition. College can be quite intimidating during the adjustment phase. Without preparation and planning, it will be harder to deal with other changes that come with pursuing higher education.

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