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Write Faster and Maintain Blog Content Quality? Yes, It’s Possible.

BloggerIt’s every content writer’s struggle: striking a balance between quick writing and quality content.

Brands relying on online content experience more success when they produce more blog posts. After all, faster writing opens more opportunities to get the message across to the target audience. It gets better when you manage to produce quality content at a quicker speed.

Balancing quantity and quality may seem impossible. But with the right set of skills, content writers can master the art of balanced blogging.

Stop and Sort Your Thoughts

Most writers begin blog posts by staring at a blank page, hoping an idea will come out of nowhere. While this is traditional, it’s more effective to break your writing process down to distinct stages: pitch ideas, do research, plan your post, and edit it.

When it comes to brainstorming and research, place your ideas in one list. Also, try researching related posts all at the same time to save time.

Planning is an Essential

Some freelance article writers from advise against skipping the planning stage, even if your are a professional blogger. This is a crucial process, especially if you’re not sure with your ideas. An initial game plan helps you decide whether an idea is worth writing or not.

Jotting down your idea takes only 5 minutes or less. These points will keep you on track as you write, which minimizes the time you waste on brainstorming while writing.

Say No to Interruptions

Writers face distractions everyday — from a simple text message to a Facebook wall post, a small detail is enough to interrupt your writing mojo.

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Eliminate all distractions as soon as possible. Log off your social media accounts, switch off your phone, and stay away from things that will interrupt your work. If you are in an open office, wear earphones and listen to music instead of chatting with an officemate.

Quantity and quality writing can co-exist if you have the right skills in your arsenal. Use these techniques to enhance your content writing skills. With constant practice, you might find yourself writing quality content faster than you ever knew you could.

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